cigar strikes back!

2 choices for this second, wake up! Drag a cigar and lit up, as you lit your spirit, or get back to sleep like an asshole, which is better? The nicotine strikes back! Damn! Pagi ini aku bener-bener berharap hari itu tidak pernah ada, rasanya seperti bangun dan berjalan menuai apa yang kamu tanam, apa yang kamu sangka jika yang kamu tanam itu baik namun teracuni dan berbuah tidak sebaik yang kamu pikirkan? Jauh tidak baik, dan tanggung jawab? Siapa yang tanggung jawab? Who the F that should bear this F situation? Who the man behind this? Saya, gue, aing, urang! Dan pagi itu rasanya aku pingin jadi orang yang tidak bertanggung jawab? Ingin?!?!? YOU ARE IRRESPONSIBLE DENNY! Indeed I’m irresponsible, and I hate that! So, is that a proper reason to me to hate myself? Ok! Let’s do hate myself, pull the cigar and lit it up, as you hope it burns your spirit, or maybe your life, YFL!
In some situation I wish I weren’t here… lie! Maybe each single day! Hal yang paling tidak bertanggung jawab yang pernah saya tuduhkan adalah lari dari kehidupan, and some situation I shallowed my own Fking spit, hina! Tapi biarlah, toh aku memang hina, siapa yang sok suci disini? We were life to die, we not sooner? Is everything that sooner also going to be better? IDK! IDFWK!!! Apa yang saat ini aku pingin tau, aku tidak pingin tau dan aku tidak ingin ada disini, is that irresponsible enough??? F.U.C.K! I struck!!!!!! Bicth! Rasanya kaya pingin teriak, ingin ada yang mendengarkan, but who seems to know as seems to care? Who does? WFDC? My cigar does… he told me, it’s our best friend denny, a kind of us is someone who really need someone who can bear our problem, and be there exactly when we need, and who can replace this hard responsible beside our lovely cigar, when it came to you, you simple drag it out and lit it, it may we say she, so she is there, you burn it, you enjoy it, she accept it, such a beautiful acceptation and everybody gets happy… let falter into cigar, it even more fking simpler, not just simpler, it’s also better then to fall in love, so what could be better then fall in love with cigar? It’s angels in heaven do when angels not home, because they in heaven, they doesn’t help you, maybe they helping you trough the things that going through your vein and burn you from there, bringing all the rest thing you got up to your brain and vein maybe along with your spirit, who does care? Who really wanna care? Nobody except it, so pull it, burn it, enjoy…! What else can relieve?
But yet, we live to die… and if we die trying it is also like trying to die, and you know, you are living like a human coz in the end, we are die trying to live to die. So… we have to keep on live… so we’ll die properly like human being


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