i have no reason to…

one day i found myself bewailing, mourning on myself, whined on me…

think of lotta thing, problem, debt, my personal problem. the “why” always haunted me, and i found a thousand reason to complaing, to whining, something to mourned to.

feeling guilty, feeling unlucky, feeling all my effort has nothing to worth…

then suddenlly, a beggar came to me, begging for my money, begging for my pittyness… feeling disturbed i spontaneously reject her, she walked away and begging for the same thing to people around me. just a second after it, regret come to me for rejected her, it made me think…


Hey Den…! man up!, look at you! look at yourself!, look what you wear?, what you just dine?, what you drive?, where your study? what is on your pocket? what is in your wallet? look what you achive?

you have income! you have mother who you complained to, you have father who you can asked to, you have brother where you can shared joy to, you can sleep well, life properly!


then i found myself in great thanked

coz i have no reason to complain, to whine, to bewailing…


2 Responses to i have no reason to…

  1. angga berkata:

    i just wanna say… kagak ngerti bahasanya den….

  2. latqueire berkata:

    yes.. u have no reason to feel weakness.. u have to say thanks to our great lord.. who has our life

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